Wahid M. Farid

Full-stack web developer

6 years of experience across multiple frameworks, Successfully cofounded a startup in Egypt, Bsc. in Computer Science, Love the challenge of developing technical solutions within business constraints that help real users.

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I build solutions with your business goals in mind, whether you need a small landing page or bigger projects like eCommerce websites or SaaS platforms. Everyone needs something different, and I strive on delivering the perfect tailor-made solution for each situation using the best tools and practicies

Business Strategy

We discuss what you are trying to achieve. Through multiple iterations, analysis and discussions, we can start to form the ideal vision of your project and how best to achieve it. Knowledge is power, and you need to plans regarding lead generations, conversions, monetization, etc...


Maybe you need some help maintaining an existing solution, or just need some advice or perspective. I can work with you to answer questions, research new ideas or concepts, maintain existing solutions, etc... If you need any kind of help, don't hesitate to get in touch to find out how I can help you

How I do it


AngularIoReactJSAngularJSResponsiveSPATypescriptCreate-react-appNextJSGatsbyReact NativeHTML5CSS3Design to CodeBootstrapTailwindCSSSASSIonicCanvasGulpWebpackJestReduxSSRXStateStorybook


Ruby on RailsNodeJSRubyMVCMysqlMongoDBFirebaseGraphQLOAuthHLD with design patternsMicroservicesMonolithicLaravelPostgresPythonPHPElasticSearchrspec


I18nLTR-RTL layout changesWebRTCWebsocketsVideo ConferencingSearch Engine OptimizationWordpressGitflowLanding PagesAPI IntegrationsAnalyticsE2E Tests

Devops / Architecture

Linux AdministrationCronNGINXApacheDocker ContainerizationAWSDigital OceanCloudflareDNSCI/CD PipelinesGoogle Cloud PlatformSentryServerless Functions


FlexibleAnalyticalWireframingUI MockupsMVC-prototypingGenerate user storiesTeam-playerValue-orientedBilingual (fluent english and native arabic)AgileKanbanJiraBasecamp

What I've done



Tyro-app is an online e-learning startup based in Egypt that I co-founded with friends in the last year of university.

It's a platform that connects people who want to learn something with tutors who can teach them that thing (be it languages, arts, etc...). Essentially it's a crowd-sourced tutoring service.

It has an AngularIO frontend with a (semi-)monolithic Rails backend handling most of everything. There are a few micro-services that service the "Session" which is an in-house video conferencing solution based on WebRTC/websockets. The session also includes an interactive real-time shared whiteboard written in javascript where the participants of the session can draw and write together to explain concepts and ideas effortlessly

Over the years, we've redesigned the website three times to increase conversion rates, refactored and upgraded the frontend (from AngularJS in the beginning to AngularIO) and the backend (from Rails 4 to 5)

Toyota el-Obour is a freelance project for UMC, a Toyota dealership based in el-obour in cairo.

It's a Bi-lingual Wordpress website, made with Elementor, WPML, Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity forms and more tools. Design based on the international Toyota brand identity. The website was tailored to display all of the cars, models and services offered by UMC. This includes promotional material about all of the cars, information about all of the variations of the models of each car, a comparison tool to help clients to identify the ideal car for them, a maintenance scheduling form, a careers section, etc...

A notable achievement in this project was creating a completely custom wordpress plugin to display a 360 view of all of the cars on the website. While working with the client to bring their vision to life, i wasn't able to find an ideal already-existing solution for this component and so i've created the ideal solution myself. See it in action here

Toyota el-Obour




Hanakol-eh literally means "What will we eat" in arabic. It's a small personal project built to help with the indecision of not knowing what food to order.

Though currently a WIP MVC, it's a simple React/NextJS SPA that displays aggregated data of many food delivery apps in the Egyptian market. The data is aggregated through a serverless function that requests APIs and crawls pages to find restaurants that deliver to the user's current location, then sort and filter them by deals and availability. The user can then know what the best deals are at a glance.

Open-source repo here. a lot of new features planned to be implemented over time, such as displaying deal information outside of food delivery apps, and caching the results geographically so not all users would have to wait as long to scrape all of the needed information.

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